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Dana Kornfeld

Posted on September 03 2018

Two of our favorite "go to brands" have decided to close shop. Matt Bernson  and Feel the Piece.  We are so sad to see them go.  With that being said, we have decided to empty our shelves and racks of our remaining stock to make way for new designers! This is good news for you!  We have taken 50% off, or more, on both these brands.  There is everything from sweaters to graphic tees, sneakers, sandals and even boots!  Both these brands have given us not only quality and comfort over the years but some great fashion as well.  I still love my well worn Zeus sneakers "the most comfortable hightops I have ever had." And my FTP v-neck shirts still look brand new!  Take advantage of this big sale to pick up a few things from both of these great brands.

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