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Corroon Sungkay


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In Bhutan, a Sungkay is a blessed thread that is tied around one’s neck to ward off evils, protect from illness and avoid misfortunes and bad karma before heading off to trek in the Himalayas. These light, puffy, nylon bags are like your favorite down coat, which you may need more than blessings at 12,000 feet. Brr. Nylon. This is like your favorite Patagonia jacket. It is padded, so it is great for jewelry, eyeglasses, chargers, small toiletries, kids' sleepovers, just about anything. 7"L x 3" W x 2.5" D.
Designer Description
This collection aspires to capture the sensibility of a bygone era and adds in modern and practical components for doing battle in today’s airports, train stations and hotels.
Travel well.