Vivo Studios Bea Wallet in Cadet/Cement

Vivo Studios Bea Wallet in Cadet/Cement

VIVO is a continually evolving collection of genuine shagreen, python & full-grain leather bags & small leather goods. All accessories are designed by Diane Castellan, handcrafted from the highest quality materials & executed with a modern point of view.

A brief history of Shagreen, Stingray, Galuchat.

Shagreen has been a luxurious decorative material for many centuries, though it is perhaps most closely associated with the Art Deco era. The name shagreen typically refers to the skin of stingrays or sharks, both of which are cartilaginous fish with a smoothly pebbled texture. This versatile yet hardy material has also been used by artisans throughout history as a mild abrasive, like sandpaper, in smoothing wood and metal.
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Genuine shagreen fold front envelope. leather base with card slots. 8 IN x 5 IN x .5 IN

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