Kayu Marion

Kayu Marion

Kayu is a California based label founded by Jamie Lim. Jamie grew up in South East Asia surrounded by artisanal crafts. However, over the years she noticed that these traditional arts were slowly disappearing. Kayu was born out of a desire to preserve and cultivate these traditional techniques and also provide jobs to those that need it the most.

Kayu works with artisans in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. So many products are made in soulless factories, Kayu eschews the mass-produced and instead works with mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters.
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Our Marion clutch is made of natural straw and topped with glimmering moonstones. Features a drop-in chain strap. Roomy enough for your smart phone. Measurements: 8"w x 4.5"h x 2" d

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